My journey to clear skin

This blog was created in order to share my experience with Accutane. I know for a fact that taking the decision to go on this medicine can be a hard one since it has multiple important side effects. This , I hope , will be a way to help you guys decide wether it is worth it or not. I intend to post about the products i use, the side effects on my body, and of course, the results that I get.

Acne has always been a tough subject for me and must be one for you too, if you suffer from it obvioulsy. It has taken a toll on me to a point where I coudnt even go to the gym without makeup. I coudnt be myself anymore, wether I was hanging out with my friends or meeting a new guy, cause acne was always in the back of my mind… can she see that big pimple I tried to mask, am I gonna have time to put makeup on before he wakes up. AWFUL. No need to say that pool parties and beach days were banned for a long time before my back cleared out ( i used to have pimple on my back and shoulders too).

For all the previous reasons, i decided to go with the big guns : Accutane.
Here are a few BEFORE photos